Monday, September 29, 2008

Picture Postcards


I take so many pictures and I realised I don't share them here enough. Part of the reason was that I have been agonising over the logistics -- will people like them? Will they think they are trash? And they don't, will my intellectual property be protected?
You know what, I don't care.
I am publishing these pictures, taken on my Nikon D-80, and I plan to share more over the next few weeks. I also intend to do a coffee table book early next year on my travels and the faces I meet. Please write in to say if these are any good, and if they aren't, I shall stop dreaming about that glossy.
Be honest, but not too brutal.

PS: The top two pictures below, in which I figure along with my colleagues B. Vijay Murty (left) and Rahul Pandita, were taken by my colleague Manoj Patil, Chief Photographer of the Hindustan Times in Mumbai. The rest, ahem, are mine.

Travels through Naxal country-5

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Travels through Naxal country-4

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Travels through Naxal country-3

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Travels through Naxal country-2

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Travels in Naxal country, Jharkhand

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(All photos by the author, except when credit mentioned otherwise)